“The charro that sings to the purest Mexican style”.

Gildardo Alvarez was born in Tecalitlan Jalisco Mexico, at the heart of the region where mariachi music was developed. From a modest, hard working, farmer family, Don Gildardo and Doña Chuy who always supported his artistic career.

His most recent single “Por qué“ is the fist song that drops from his upcoming album, an impressive production with symphonic mariachi directed by Manuel de la Cerda, where Gildardo will surprise us with a selection of classic songs, singing them with his style.


“Llorando a gritos“ is a song that Gildardo masterfully interprets. A single released at the beginning of 2019 and from the very talented composer Galo de la Cruz.


Gildardo and his production team surprises us with creativity and contribution to our Mexican music, since only adding some instruments to the mariachi, he can sing balad songs or salsas, going from norteño songs up to a cha cha cha. You can listen to this on his tenth album called “De todo un poco“ with the valuable collaboration of Alejandro Carrillo on the production and as a composer of several songs, one of them “Señora Santa“.


On his ninth Album “Por el amor que te juré“ he had Sabina Bolaños Cacho and “El Tuti“ Perales musical direction and Miguel Andrade’s musical arrangements. The singles that stand out for this production are “La mexicanita“ by Julio Jaramillo, “Vamos a darnos tiempo“ by Alejandro Jaen and “Bienvenido al inferno“ by Nazario.

“Mi resto“ is his eight production where he has musical arrangements by Eduardo Gonzalez and Miguel Andrade, putting himself in the public’s taste with the singles “Pero me acuerdo de ti“, “Por que yo te amo“ and of course “Mi resto“.

His seventh Album called “Casi un ángel“ is under Fato’s production. With 2 singles “ Y te me vas“ y “Cuando menos lo esperaba“, Gildardo comes through giving it his own signature style in our Mexican music.

On the sixth Album titled “Gildardo Alvarez“ he partners up with his brother Hector Alvarez where the single “Cuando vuelvas a enamorarte de mi“ had a great acceptance and due to the great video production, was invited to participate in a movie working with recognized figures from the Mexican film industry like Mario Almada, Rebeca Silva y Hugo Stiglitz, in the movie “Miel Amarga”.

“Te reto a que me olvides“ is his fifth production where “Derrotado corazón“ and “Por que“ become hits.

Due to the success after this Album, Gildardo decides to migrate to the United States of America where he produces his fourth Album named “Hoy te extraño“, with songs from Ricardo Ceratto and the extraordinary musical direction of Chuck Anderson. In this production, Gildardo innovates mariachi’s sound including a Saxophone and giving it a romantic surpassing feeling.

With the Banda Phenomenon going on in the states Gildardo Alvarez records his third album “Gil Alvarez con Banda“, recording songs from the well known composer Fato (known before as Edison) like “El Pilon“ (Grammy nominated song in USA).

On his second Album titled “Gran Reportaje“, he was supported by Fernando Z Maldonado, who was in charge of the musical direction.

Another major pillar in his career has been his wife Sabina, who has always given him unconditional support. As well as his talented children: Gil Bokacho, Sabina, Jorge Eduardo and Maria Elena who have his reason to keep on going in this passionate Mexican music career. 

Carrier of a powerful and honed voice, Gildardo ventures into ranchero music sponsored by Don Silvestre Vargas, Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan´s founder and whom he recorded his fist album with, called “Bandolero“, written by Joan Sebastian and directed by Pepe Martinez.

So stay tuned to get updates on this great representative of our Mexican music, who besides having his own style , “El bandolero“, as many call him has presence, carisma and a great deal of feeling.

“The charro that sings with the purest Mexican style”…